Upgrading Your Account

Who might need to upgrade

Most farmers who have not made many transactions, and only have one or two wallets will most likely fall within the 510 initial addresses provided to each account. You can check the number of used derivation records in your account with the chia command chia wallet get_derivation_index. If you have sent many transactions, or have multiple wallets that have transacted multiple times, then 1 public key and 10 addresses may not be enough. Every transaction that generates a “change” coin and every offer accepted or cancelled will push the derivation index further down the line.

Becuase of this ever increasing derivation index, anyone with multiple wallets, who has made many offer transactions, or has minted an NFT collection will most likely need to upgrade their account.

How to upgrade

In the account page, click on the “Upgrade” button to expose the upgrade interface. The price for each upgrade is listed there, with the option to increment it for multiple purchases at once. Use either the Goby wallet (if you have that extension) or the “Buy with CLI” button to generate a transaction command. You can copy/paste the CLI command into your terminal to send the transaction, or to use the GUI wallet, just copy the ammount, address, and memo, and paste it into the send transaction interface.

Types of upgrades

There are currently three types of upgrades available: